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The Dance Centre Peregian Springs Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet


Let your inner dancer shine!  Ballet isn't just for our recreational children or those on our professional vocational programmes - it's a fantastic way for ADULTS to enjoy the beauty and challenge of a classical ballet class.  If you are between 18 and 98 years old and looking to indulge your passion, push your boundaries, immerse yourself in a new challenge, or just get out of the house for a good workout, The Dance Centre Peregian Springs offers two class levels.

Classes will be taught by qualified staff, including ex-professional Classical Ballet Dancers, ex-Ballet Company Directors, fully qualified Royal Academy of Dance teachers and Bolshoi Certified teachers.

Class numbers are capped and if a course is full you will be informed and, if you wish, we will put you on a waiting list for the next course.  If not enough participants enrol in a course, The Dance Centre Peregian Springs reserves the right to cancel the course and will refund any fees paid.

WHITE SWANS is an Adult Beginner Ballet Course

Wednesdays 2.00-3.00 PM

Our 'White Swans' class is for any adult who wants to take up ballet.  Whether you have never taken a dance class in your life or have had prior experience and wish to renew your passion, you will feel well taken care of and comfortable.  Beginner Ballet goes through the entire classical ballet class structure starting with a warm-up, progressing to the barre, stretching, then to the centre where we will introduce you to the joys of slow controlled ballet moves, turning, jumping, and leaps across the floor.  During class we keep the pace moving so each participant feels they have achieved a great workout, learned some basic ballet skills and terminology, and had a chance to express themselves artistically.  Our courses will give everyone the opportunity to feel good about themselves by encouraging everyone to do what they can and feel comfortable with themselves.  As in ALL our classes, BALLET is our passion and we wish to share this passion with you!

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