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Audition for a Dance Centre Peregian Springs Elite Classical Vocational Ballet 2023 Scholarship

Applications accepted through 30 June 2023

The Dance Centre Peregian Springs, located in Noosaville, is a specialist training centre for aspiring and highly talented dancers ages 8-18 years.


We have been transforming talented young ballet students in our TDCPS Vocational Program into world class performers since 2009 and are now offering a ‘Noosaville 2023 TDCPS Scholarship’ to celebrate our move to Noosaville.


Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be between 8-12 years of age as of 1st August 2023 and must submit a preliminary digital audition to be selected for finalist auditions in the studio.


Assessment Criteria

Applicants must have:

  • A good degree of turn out, arched feet, flexible legs and back, strong muscles

  • Coordination, musicality, and a true passion and dedication for dance

  • The physical facility to become a professional dancer

  • All young dancers from any culture or orientation will be considered


Digital Audition Content

Your video must not exceed 15 minutes


  • Plies - once in each position: 1st, 2nd and 5th

  • Battement Tendu

  • Battement Fondu

  • Adage

  • Grand Battements


  • Ports de Bras with or without simple Adage movements

  • Pirouette en dedans and en dehor - singles or doubles

  • Petit Allegro

  • No Pointe work


Girls:  Basic plain coloured leotard (no halter necks, glitter, deco), pink tights, Ballet flats with elastics or ribbons, hair in a bun or similar


Boys:  Plain coloured (own choice) singlet top, leotard or form fitting t-shirt with tights or full length tights/unitard, white socks, white ballet shoes

Download Audition Details


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