Term 4 - October 4 - December 7, 2022 (*schedule subject to change)

The Dance Centre Peregian Springs Timetable


1.30-3.30     Senior Vocational Ballet

3.30-4.30     Grade 2 Ballet (8 yrs+)

4.30-5.30     Intermediate

5.30-6.30     Grade 5 Ballet

3.30-4.30     Grade 1 Ballet (7 yrs+)

3.45-4.30     Pre Pointe/Beginner Pointe

4.30-5.15     Junior Lyrical & Acro + Flexibility

5.15-6.15     Intermediate Found Ballet


1.00-3.30     Senior Vocational Ballet

3.30-4.30     Grade 1 Ballet (7 yrs+)

4.30-5.30     Grade 4 Ballet

5.30-6.20     Intermediate Pointe

6.20-7.20     Vocational Coaching

3.30-4.30     Grade 2 Ballet (8 yrs+)

4.30-5.30     Grade 3 Ballet

5.30-6.15     Junior Contemporary + Strength &                         Conditioning

6.15-7.15     Advanced 2/Advanced Foundation


7.00-9.00     Vocational Ballet

2.00-3.00     Adult Ballet White Swans

3.30-4.15     Intermediate Lyrical

4.15-5.00     Senior Lyrical

5.00-6.00     Intermediate Ballet

6.00-6.45     Intermediate Contemporary

2.30-3.30     Vocational Advanced 1/Adv 2

3.30-4.15     Pre Primary Ballet

4.15-5.15     Grade 3 Ballet

5.15-6.15     Advanced Foundation/Adv 1

6.15-7.00     Senior Contemporary 


1.30-3.30      Vocational Ballet

3.30-4.30      Repertoire Levels 2-4

4.30-5.30      Senior Pointe/Repertoire

5.30-6.30     Grade 3 Ballet (9 yrs+)

6.30-7.30     Intermediate Foundation Ballet    

3.45-4.30     Primary Ballet (6 yrs)

4.30-5.30     Grade 4 Ballet

5.30-6.30     Grade 5 Ballet


7.00-8.15     Junior Excellence Program

2.00-4.00     Vocational Ballet

4.00-6.00     Performance Group

Available Programs & Packages

Please click the "Registration" button and follow instructions.  


Annual enrolments are accepted at the start of the year with Term 1 and placement is secured for the entire school year.  Enrolments for all students roll over automatically between Terms 2, 3, and 4.  Any changes to enrolment or contact details must be submitted to our account department.  

REGISTRATION FEE: A non-refundable Registration Fee will be added to your Term 1 invoice annually.  (This does not apply to Vocational students.) New students enrolling throughout the year will be charged a Registration Fee on their first invoice. 


$40 for 1 dancer/family

$60 for 2+ dancers/family 

The accounting department must be notified in writing if a student will not be returning for the next term.  Invoicing occurs automatically at the start of each term.

Direct Debit Account Number:  The Dance Centre BSB: 114-879       

A/C Number: 437 123 880     

Reference: Child's Name

A non-refundable invoice will be issued once the current enrolment form is completed online.  Prices are inclusive of GST.  

Sibling Discount:  10% off term fees for younger siblings.

**Fees must be paid in full by week 2 of Term.**

Payment by Instalment can be arranged and must be approved by The Dance Centre at the start of each term.  Please contact accounts@thedancecentreperegiansprings.com to make arrangements.

At the end of Week 3 students will not be allowed to attend classes if their fees have not been paid.  A late fee of $25 will be added to your invoice at that time.  Once payment has been made, your child will be allowed to participate in class.

If a student is unable to take classes due to illness or injury, catch-up classes are available and must be taken within the same term.