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Essential Oils for Dancers

The Dance Centre is proud to partner with PreeceandCo and bring you 100% organic and vegan friendly essential oils from Australia, specifically suited for dancers!

Every dancer can now enjoy the results of these passionately mixed essential oils to aid in muscle recovery, stress and pain relief, and sleep issues.

PURCHASE NOW at our reception desk!

Individually sold for $26 each or Buy both for AU$45!



Anti-Inflammatory Muscle Recovery

The perfect roll-on solution for sore or tired muscles.  A great blend of Rosemary, Peppermint, Fennel, Blue Tansy, and Tea Tree anti-inflammatory oils act as a muscle rehab tool for on the go dancers.



Relax and Focus Oil

The need to relax and breathe while being focused and energised is essential for optimal performance.  This roll-on blend of Lavender, Valerian, Bergamot, and White Grapefruit is perfect to help calm nerves and focus the mind before important dance events, exams, comps, auditions and performances


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