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Frequently Asked Questions



What does my child wear to dance class?


The Dance Centre requires uniforms for class.  Please check in with our reception desk for more details. Proper shoes for each class are require.


What safe dance practices does The Dance Centre follow?


International Association Of Dance Medicine and Science research of which Ms. Deborah is a full member, through her University degree, professional career and research (certificates on Dance Centre walls and publications on the reception shelves).


IADMS has world wide membership of professionally qualified dancers, company directors, qualified dance educators, doctors specialising in dancers and scientists and combine all their knowledge and research solely to promote the health and well being of dancers and student dancers. Their research is meticulous and they are the world leaders in the field of Safe Dance Practices. As a member, one can access their sites and forums on all aspects of Safe Dance.


Do parents stay and watch class?


Parents!  Go shopping, go make dinner, have time for yourself!  Our trusting professional staff have a complete class ready for your child to enjoy.  We encourage you to watch from the window, but if parents would like to step out for a moment that is fine too.  Our front desk will contact you if they need you back a little earlier.  If your child isn’t potty trained we that you stay throughout the entire class just in case they need your help.


My child has tried the class once and doesn’t like it? 


 If you’re at the point of trying to decide if dance is right for your young dancer we suggest a couple of things.  First, give your dancer a month to really see if he/she likes dance.  You’ll be able to determine if that class/teacher/style is congruent with his/her appetite for learning.  Second, if you find that the current class is not for your child, please visit or call our front desk, and you can try any other class, FOR FREE, until we find the right one for you!  


COVID-19 Safety 


We follow the Dance and Physical Performing Arts Industry COVID Safe Plan (DPPA Plan) demonstrating to health authorities and the community that measures are taken to ensure safe operation of our Organisation.  Ausdance QLD has developed this Industry COVID Safe Plan in consultation with the DPPA sector and it has been assessed and accepted by the Chief Health Officer.  More details can be found here.

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