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The Dance Centre Peregian Springs Little Dancers

Little Dancer


Our Little Dancers classes ensure that the student retains their magical love of dance fostered and nurtured in the Tiny Toe Program whilst learning the rudiments of classical ballet and jazz in a slightly more structured, positive and happy environment.  Learning from the best in the industry, our Little Dancers can enjoy a passion for dance combined with technical excellence.

Students begin their unique journey through the various levels of dance. Proudly demonstrating their skills in presentation classes, which are accredited by the Royal Academy of Dance. Parents can be secure in the knowledge that qualified teaching is occuring on a weekly basis and that students are learning the art of dance first hand.

(5 years)

A continuation from Pre-Primary in which students become more self confident, increase their passion and love of dance, learn discipline, motivation, team work, and experience the joy of dance and music.

(6 years)
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