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The Wonderful (Stress Free) World of Adult Ballet Classes

Ballet is a unique mixture of strength, coordination, flexibility and endurance. All these components are seldom found in any one activity at the gym or on the sports field, but ballet class combines all these amazing factors with music, fun and the sense of belonging to a small group of like-minded people.

During an adult ballet class you will find that the focus needed as well as postural and core strength leads to improved control over the body and mind. The increased flexibility and movement helps combat the aging effects on joints, muscles and arthritis and we now know that dancing, and ballet in particular, can not only help dementia patients, but is a powerful preventative to this insidious illness.

The feeling of satisfaction and calmness that comes after a ballet class is usually attributed to the concentration, physical intensity and the focus on oneself moving to music that is needed throughout class. Taking a ballet class clears the mind and any stress is left outside the studio doors and a sense of purpose and self engulfs one as the session begins. Ballet class frees the mind like no other activity and the effects can be quite addictive. As an ex professional dancer, people often attribute my posture to years and years of ballet training and performing, but even for the once-a-week adult student, ballet classes are incredible for correcting and enhancing ones posture. Ballet movements - even the most simplest posses in a beginner class will bring a swift postural improvement. Adult students will notice that they are sitting straighter and are far more aware of how they are carrying their bodies.

The ballet movements and poses from start to finish of class are taught using perfect body alignment and this lengthening and straightening of libs and muscles brings about good stance, increases in core and postural strength and a great body awareness.

Muscle tone will improve when classes are regularly taken, often leading to weight loss and body transformation.

Dancing/ballet has scientifically been proven to release endorphins (similar to eating chocolate) that lift one's spirits and enhance a sense of well being that lasts well after class has finished. Ballet class, whether for children or adults, raises one's self confidence and self esteem.

Whether you took ballet classes when you were growing up and then work, marriage and/or parenthood got in the way, or you have never done a single dance class in your life but are thinking about starting as a total beginner. No matter how old you are or who you are, you can start now. At The Dance Centre Peregian Springs we have the White Swan Courses for beginners and Black Swan Courses for those with prior experience. Come and join us now and leave your stress behind. Why not pamper yourself with a course of adult ballet classes?


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