Term 3 - 12 July - 17 September 2021

The Dance Centre Peregian Springs Timetable


1.30-3.30     Senior Vocational Ballet

3.30-4.30     Grade 2 Ballet (8 yrs+)

4.30-5.20     Junior Lyrical & Acro

5.20-6.10     Pre Pointe/Beginner Pointe

6.10-7.10     Intermediate Foundation Ballet

3.30-4.30     Grade 1 Ballet (7 yrs+)

3.45-4.30     Vocational Conditioning/Stretch

4.30-5.30     Advanced Foundation Ballet

5.30-6.30     Advanced 1 & 2/Open Class


1.00-3.30     Senior Vocational Ballet

3.30-4.30     Grade 1 Ballet (7 yrs+)

4.30-5.30     Grade 5 Ballet

5.30-6.20     Intermediate Contemporary

6.20-7.20     Adv Found & Adv 1 Ballet

7.20-8.10     Senior Contemporary Workshop

3.30-4.30     Grade 2 Ballet (8 yrs+)

4.30-5.20     Junior Jazz (5-9 yrs)

4.30-5.15     Vocational Conditioning/Stretch

5.20-6.20     Grade 3 Ballet (9 yrs+)

6.20-7.10     Pre Inter/Intermediate Jazz


7.00-9.00     Vocational Ballet

3.30-4.30     Vocational Coaching TBA

4.30-5.20     Senior Lyrical

5.20-6.20     Intermediate Ballet

6.20-7.10     Intermediate Pointe

3.45-4.30     Pre Primary Ballet (5 yrs+)

4.30-5.30     Grade 4 Ballet

5.30-6.30     Grade 5 Ballet

6.30-7.20     Vocational Coaching TBA 


9.00-10.00    White Swans Beginner Ballet

10.00-10.30  Baby Ballerinas (2-4 yrs)

1.30-3.30      Vocational Ballet

3.30-4.30      Repertoire Levels 2-4

4.30-5.30      Senior Pointe/Repertoire/Deux

5.30-6.30     Grade 3 Ballet (9 yrs+)

6.30-7.30     Intermediate Foundation Ballet    

3.45-4.30     Primary Ballet (6 yrs+)

4.30-5.30     Grade 4 Ballet

4.30-5.15     Vocational Conditioning/Stretch

5.30-6.20     Intermediate Lyrical

6.30-7.30     Intermediate Ballet


7.00-8.15     Junior Excellence Programme

3.30-5.30     Junior Performance Group

2.00-4.00     Vocational Ballet

4.00-6.30     Performance Group

Available Program & Packages

Please click the "Registration" button and follow instructions.  


Annual enrolments are accepted at the start of the year with Term 1 and placement is secured for the entire school year.  Enrolments for all students roll over automatically between Terms 2, 3 and 4.  Any changes to enrolment or contact details must be submitted to our account department.  

ADMINISTRATION FEE: A non-refundable $30 Administration Fee/family will be added to your Term 1 invoice annually.  (This does not apply to Vocational students.)

The account department must be notified in writing if a student will not be returning for the next term.  Invoicing occurs automatically at the start of each term.

Direct Debit Account Number:  The Dance Centre BSB: 114-879       

A/C Number: 437 123 880     

Reference: Child's Name

Once current enrolment form is completed online, an invoice will be issued.  Prices are inclusive of GST.  

Sibling Discount:  10% off term fees for younger siblings.

**Fees must be paid in full by the start of Term.**

Payment by Instalment can be arranged and must be approved by The Dance Centre at the start of each term.  Please contact Mrs. Henley at accounts@thedancecentreperegiansprings.com to make arrangements.

At the end of Week 2 students will not be allowed to attend classes if their fees have not been paid.  A late fee of $25 will be added to your invoice at that time.  Once payment has been made, your child will be allowed to participate in class.

If a student is unable to take classes due to illness or injury, catch up classes are available and must be taken within the same term.