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Royal Academy of Dance Program

Pre-Primary to Solo Seal


The Dance Centre Peregian Springs, as a member of The Royal Academy of Dance, offers an internationally recognised portfolio of examinations and assessments designed to encourage, motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities, outlining a progressive structure for learning and achievement.
Recreational students who have started with our Tiny Toes Program can move up through the first Graded levels (Pre-Primary in Dance and Primary in Dance), and then into eight further Graded levels or six Vocational Graded levels. Recreational students may move from the Graded pathway to the Vocational Graded pathway at an appropriate moment or they may study both pathways simultaneously.
(5 years)

Students begin their unique journey through the various levels of dance. Proudly demonstrating their skills in presentation classes, which are accredited by the Royal Academy of Dance. Parents can be secure in the knowledge that qualified teaching is occuring on a weekly basis and that students are learning the art of dance first hand.

(7+ years

These classes focus on ballet (including elements of free and progressive styles, appropriate for today's dancer) and Character dances.  Appropriate for students from the ages of 7 years.


Includes Graded Examinations if desired (Primary in Dance - Grade 8); Class Awards (Pre-Primary in Dance - Grade 3); Presentation Classes (Grades 4-8); and Solo Performance Awards (Grades 1-3).


(6 years)

A continuation from Pre-Primary in which students become more self confident, increase their passion and love of dance, learn discipline, motivation, team work, and experience the joy of dance and music.

(11+ years)

These classes build on the elements covered in the Graded syllabus, focusing on the performance of ballet to an advanced standard, and are intended for students who continue to enjoy dance classes as well as those who may wish to pursue a career in dance in conjunction with The Dance Centre Full Time Classical Ballet Program.

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