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Tiny Toes Dance Classes

Is your child looking for a recreational pastime with worthwhile side effects? Dancing lessons have multiple benefits, from learning socialisation skills to becoming active and energised in a controlled and positive environment, to making new friends and even to improving co-ordination and helping form vital brain connectors and pathways.

The Dance Centre offers three styles of Tiny Toes dance classes and researching which style suits your child's little feet is very important.

Baby Ballerina style classes based on classical ballet are top of the list as a ballet training is the basis for all other forms of dance. Always look for a fully qualified teacher with loads of experience and patience and avoid crowded classes. Ideally class numbers should be under 10 children per class.

Ballet helps develop co ordination and musicality, poise, balance and patience and often aids in learning difficulties. Good qualified ballet classes also can have positive effects on the very shy child and help them come out of their little shells and see the world with different eyes. The sheer beauty of the music and movement combined can enlighten not only a child's day but their whole week.

Postural problems that may have gone unnoticed will always come to light with a good discerning and qualified ballet teacher and many typical children's feet, hip and knee problems can be cured doing the basic ballet moves on a weekly basis.

Remember that muscle memory kicks in much better when your little one takes two short dance classes per week as opposed to one which means their progress and satisfaction levels will rise dramatically.

Jazz and modern dance for toddlers suits the hyper energetic child and they will love the moves. Hold off at least until they are four before starting this type of class and check out that the music and moves are really appropriate for the age group. Classes of mini Madonnas doing something resembling a strip number can be seen in many dance studios and it is difficult to educate a little one on what is really a good dance move and what is perhaps a tad sexual. The music and rhythm of Jazz can be a wonderful stimulator for small children needing a lift of spirits and many kids really enjoy the up beat atmosphere of a good jazz class.

Dancing together in class helps children to learn group behavioural patterns and having to wait ones

turn etc. The opportunity which often occurs in good small classes to show off a dance move alone, perhaps from one side of the studio to the other, can be a great self confidence builder and boosts self esteem enormously.

General dance classes offering all different styles of dance are sometimes a sign of an unqualified instructor stumbling from one sort of move to another but can also be a lot of fun if planned and put across in a qualified manner. Small children can then find out which dance genre suits them best and progress to this type of class.

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