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Preparation for Summer Dance Camps and Workshops

With our wonderful Summer Workshops and Holiday Dance Camps coming up soon, follow these tips to prepare yourself, to avoid injuries, and to stay confident and strong throughout the Workshops and into Term 1 of a great 2015 ahead!

The week before a Holiday Dance Workshop

Practise a short barre at home – Doing some barre work helps strengthen and reawaken your technique. For endurance, try some swimming – Add cross-training to your routine – running, elliptical, Pilates, weight training, or even different dance styles – do some daily CORE WORK. All these activities will prepare you mentally and physically to handle multiple classes a day after a long break.

Set some achievable goals – It is not all about the physical preparation…so take time to set a few optimistic but obtainable goals to reach during the workshop. Goals help you stay on track, and do push yourself to get the most out of your classes. They can be technical goals, such as perfecting your pirouettes, or artistic, such as improving your musicality or performance skills

The Day Before

Do not overdo it – Today is not the day to go for a long run in the Queensland heat and humidity or do a zillion crunches and push-ups! Give your body a day to rest and so avoid being sore on your first day.

Hydrate – Water and nutrition are just as important leading up to the intensive as they are during. Starting day 1, hydrated will ensure you start off well.

Pack your dance bag the night before – Avoid being late in the morning by preparing everything the night before. Pack your dance bag with the necessary dance kit and check that your shoes fit and that the elastics and ribbons are still OK , make sure you have any toe-undies or toe pads if needed.

Prepare a good (nut free) lunch and light, mega healthy snacks.

Sleep – Get 8 - 9 hours of sleep the night before your summer workshop begins, so you feel well rested and ready to dance well on your first day.

Day 1 of your Workshop

Listen carefully to your teachers – Today you will learn what is expected of you so be sure to pay attention and take it all in – remember you are here to learn and improve, so keep the social chatter down till after the workshop or during the breaks.

Your teachers will be happy to see you so Be Confident – Without being overly confident, go in with the attitude that you can do this and do all you can to come out a stronger, better dancer.

Give yourself lots of time to warm up before your first class. You may be dancing longer hours then you’re used to so you need to get your body ready.

During the Workshop

Pay attention to ALL the corrections. Just because a correction is not directly for you does not mean you cannot learn from it.

Stay hydrated and eat enough good healthy food to get through your classes. If you are feeling pain, be sure to tell your teacher. If you let a pain fester, it could grow and ruin your workshop.

Track Your Goals – Keep a notebook handy to look at the progress of those goals you wrote down before the workshop began. Check what you have accomplished and plan on how you can reach the rest.

Rest – At the end of the workshop day your body needs time to rest….and.…hang out with friends…let your muscles heal and prepare for classes the following day….and get a good LONG nights sleep.

Enjoy yourself – Most importantly, enjoy the chance of doing a lot of what you love for a few days.

Remember, you are doing what you love in YOUR holidays to help you become a better dancer.”


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