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Meet Julie Sylvester

Our wonderful Musical Theatre dance teacher, Julie Sylvester, agreed to a little Q&A fun so that you could get to know more about her.

How did you become involved in dance?

I became involved in dance whilst at primary school when a small studio opened in our town.

What are you currently doing in the field?

I am currently teaching Musical Theatre at The Dance Centre, which combines my passion for both dance and singing.

Would you share a special moment from you career?

I was asked to sing at a very exclusive venue, Eastwell Manor, for a private wedding in the southeast of England. I also danced on UK television.

What is the best advice you have ever received from a teacher or mentor regarding dance?

Work hard, smile harder!

What has been your greatest challenge?

Moving from the UK and leaving behind my dance school and so many talented, beautiful young dancers.

Do you have any advice for dancers who want to go on to a professional career?

Be prepared to train hard and travel far and wide.

How do you feel dance has changed over the past decade?

Dance has become even more popular over the past few years due to the popular television shows like, Strictly Come Dancing and So You Think You Can Dance, providing a wide audience with different genres of dance.

Where do you think dance is going?

Dance is definitely developing and improving all the time as young dancers aspire to become stronger both physically and technically.

What do you enjoy most about your life in dance?

Watching students' confidence grow over the years within The Dance Centre as they move on to the wide world of dance.

What is next for you?

My aim is to try and lift the profile of Musical Theatre at The Dance Centre and encourage more boys into the studio.

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