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Progressing from Tiny Toe - Little Dancer - Grade 1

The progression of skills in toddler dance classes is of the utmost importance and is so often forgotten or unknown to parents trying to choose which dance school of attend. The complexity and difficulties of attaining dance skills correctly can only be achieved if each foundation step is carefully prepared and laid.

In many dance classes for the six/seven years or older child, there are several excellent dance, and in particular ballet syllabi in place, which act as accountability tools for parents worried about the teaching practices of dance schools. But for the younger toddlers from two years wishing to dance, there is a grey area surrounding dance classes which sometimes promotes the feeling that structure and foundation is not yet necessary. On the contrary! Any dance movement learnt or practiced at this young age can have significant affects on motor skills, muscle activation and cognitive abilities. Anatomically correct progression in dance, with a trained eye in every class to gently correct possible faults is paramount if parents want the best for their child in dance.

When choosing a dance school for a two to four year old, it is especially critical that parents be aware that many 'fun' dance classes have little or no proper foundations for basic training, structure, planning or safe dance practices which can lead to poor and incorrect muscle activation and a lifetime of physical problems leaving little to no chance of dancing correctly when they reach seven or eight years, and totally rule out any hopes of a career in dance however talented a child may be.

The carefully structured progression at The Dance Centre Peregian Springs from the Tiny Toe & Mummy and Me classes to the Little Dancer Programme, and on to the Passion for Dance Grade 1 at age seven, has been created with safe dance practices, total student enjoyment and the foundation for a lifelong passion for dance in mind.

What better gift that the 'Gift of Dance' can a parent choose to give to their child?

In our Tiny Toe Programme, which encompasses Baby Ballerina, Fairy Ballet and Mummy and Me classes, a solid foundation for the correct positioning of body, feet, legs and arms is established. There is a strong focus on creativity and musicality in a weekly experience of the joyful atmosphere of themed classes. These dance classes also include the Dance to Learn principles. On successful completion of the Tiny Toe Programme, these beautiful little people will become confident and well trained Little Dancers.

In our Little Dancer Programme, in addition to Little Dancer Ballet classes, Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary Ballet classes and RAD Primary Ballet classes, there are Little Dancer Jazz, beginner Dance Acro, Musical Theatre and Drama classes offered.

Priority in the entire Little Dancer Programme is to continue with the solid foundation work of perfecting a strong basic technique, experience weekly joy in dancing whilst building the confidence of a Star. Technique, music and performance skills are easily achieved when little dancers have confidence, self-esteem, motivation, and love of dance.

The beautiful and inspiring experiences our students have in every class will be remembered for a lifetime and be passed on to their children. We are continually hearing that our Little Dancers cannot wait for the day of their class and are always asking, "Mummy, when can I go to Ballet class again - Mum, when's dancing on, I CAN'T WAIT!"

Our structured and professional approach to the entire toddler dance class planning ensures that students receive perfect training from the onset of their first dance class whilst building a lifelong love of dance and the ability, later in their lives, to progress and achieve well in dance and even to pursue a career in dance if they wish.

At The Dance Centre Peregian Springs there is now an even greater motivation and reward for completing the joys of the Tiny Toe Programme. We are having a beautifully moving and inspirational Graduation Ceremony! Our Tiny Toe graduates will receive their silver tiara after walking up the red carpet and mounting the podium to the applause of their parents, families, teachers, and fellow students. The proud Little Dancers will receive their golden tiara and their first new Grade 1 leotard.

We hope you can attend our next ceremony on April 9, 2016 at 10.00 am.

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