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Setting Goals for Dancers

Although the New Year is already a month old, the start of a new term and a new year of dance classes is an excellent point in time to set some goals for the year of dance ahead of you.

Whether you are a dance student taking one or more weekly dance classes simply because you love dance as a fantastic hobby, or whether you are a full time Vocational dance student, setting a goal(s) takes some thought. For example, you might want to think about achieving a higher level of flexibility or strength, take a dance exam or learn a competition solo or even just achieve a tricky step that has been alluding you for ages.

Once you have identified your goal(s) it might be a good idea to ask your teacher for some tips on how to achieve it and what time frame they think is feasible.

Remember goals always need to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely, and you really need to know the who, what, when, how and where of all aspects of your goal.

Think about what you really wish for or even dream of and write it down in a Dance Journal or special Notebook. Now decide how to go about breaking up the work that needs to be done into sub goals or into small progressive steps towards the final goal. A detailed checklist can help summarise the sub goals/steps. Make sure you give yourself time to achieve each step towards the final result. Remember that the goal is your final destination, but there are a lot of different ways to get to that destination and there can be a lot of difficult times ahead, be patient and kind to yourself and keep going. Sub-goals allow you to list and plan the actions you must take before moving on to the next step.

As a student dancer here at The Dance Centre Peregian Springs, and elsewhere, we sincerely hope you will put a 'Continual Enjoyment in Class' somewhere near the top of your list of goals. But how to achieve that feeling of fulfilment, happiness and satisfaction in every class you attend? This continual passion for class will help you and your teacher to work towards your goals.

Arriving early for your class will give you extra time to warm up, greet friends, make sure your hair is secure and you have all the dance wear you need. Arriving late sets you up for being anxious, missing vital warm up exercises and even feeling left out of things. Not a good way to start working towards your 2017 goals.

So, are you ready? Then buy a pretty journal and some great pens, sit down and have a good think. Achieving goals can be much easier than you think, its all in the planning.

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