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My Child Would Love to do More Dance Classes- What to choose now?

Many parents start off with choosing one particular dance style and class for their child and after a term or two realise with joy that the child is in her/his element and would love to do more.

First of all find out whether your child would like to add another class of the same dance genre each week. For example The Dance Centre Peregian Springs offer two classes of each ballet level per week and by adding a class your child will really become proficient at a much greater pace. Muscle memory in classical ballet (taught correctly) kicks in when the child is attending twice or more a week. This means that when they attend once a week they usually have to keep relearning steps as the muscles cannot retain and remember the movements sufficiently, whereas if the child is attending twice weekly muscle memory helps them remember the steps and they can go on to improve their technique faster.

Many children however love to attend classes in different dance genre and it is ideal if you trial other genre before committing to an enrolment.

Some dance class styles enhance others. For example a child who is serious about their ballet might be having some flexibility issues so that a lyrical and/or dance acro class would help, or they may have some dynamic problems and benefit from an energetic Jazz class. Similarly a Jazz dancer might be looking for more control and stability of movement which ballet classes would deliver or they might be experiencing some issues with musicality and a Hip Hop or Tap class would be great for this.

Decide whether you want the added dance class on the same day for convenience sake or whether it might be better to space them out during the week so that your child has the energy for both.

If your child loves to dance the sky (and finance) is the limit and many children love attending several classes per week. It enhances their brain connectors, is extremely healthy and builds great levels of self esteem and confidence.

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